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Following insurance policies are good things to have.

 Third-party Private Liability Insurance

Health Insurance:inbound travel insurance-travel medical health-visitor medical health--student medical insurance-accident health-statutory-income situation-private health-inpatient-outpatient-dental treatment-additional cover-optional tariffs-excess-basic products-general practitioner tariff-refund of premium-reimbursement of costs-alternative practitioner-medical aids-daily sickness allowance-daily hospital allowance-regulation for medical and dentist fees

Occupational disability - supplementary occupational disability insurance- total disability insurance - basic abilities -incapacity to work -dread disease

Accidental death insurance - disability risk

Legal Assistance insurance

Household Contents or Home Insurance - housebreaking vandalism - fire and burst pipe insurance- natural hazard claims - replacement value indemnity

Homeowners insurance - natural hazards claims

Private retirement saving- products with state incentive - unit linked products 

State pension - corporate pensions - deferred compensation - Occupational pension

Motor insurance -no claims bonus - partial own damage and comprehensive / own damage insurance

Commercial insurance - content and business liability insurance

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